Dr. Sara Davidson is ready to improve your smile!
Dr. Sara Davidson is ready to improve your smile!
Cosmetic services to help you smile brighter, with more confidence

A beautiful smile never goes out of style. We’ll help you design your perfect smile.

Your smile is often the first thing people notice when they meet or greet you. Investing in your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence and success. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, a more perfect smile also can help your teeth to function more optimally, and therefore improve your oral and overall health.

It might have the highest ROI of any investment.
Featured cosmetic dental services

Whether you’re looking to make small adjustments or big changes, Invisalign is a comfortable, flexible solution to improve your smile. The custom-designed plastic trays gradually move your teeth to close gaps, reduce crowding, and improve alignment. It’s that simple!


Invisalign is a completely upgraded experience vs. braces. The brackets and wires in braces make you a “brace face” on the outside while cutting your gums with pokey metal on the inside. With Invisalign, you’ll have entire conversations with people without them even knowing you’re wearing your plastic aligners… and they’re comfortable enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Since you can easily remove and clean your aligners, you can eat and drink what you want!


Invisalign is the only clear aligner solution that guarantees results and safety. Several alternative clear aligner solutions have emerged, promising an improved smile at a fraction of the price. However, other services carry significant risks because they don’t require comprehensive in-office exams from licensed dentists — which can lead to more problems than solutions. Invisalign’s in-office visits ensure that you receive the full benefits without collateral damage.

Teeth whitening

Choose from three options based on what’s most important to you:


In-house whitening

Professional in-office whitening with the best results, in just a few hours. Prefer one and done? Important event coming up (e.g., wedding, reunion)? Go in-house.


Custom trays

Custom-fabricated whitening trays that you take home, along with 2 syringes pre-filled with whitening gel. Best possible at-home results.


Pre-filled trays

Pre-filled whitening trays that you take home: more effective than over-the-counter strips, with the same ease of use.

Other services available

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