Dr. Sara Davidson is ready to improve your smile!
Dr. Sara Davidson is ready to improve your smile!
Preventive services to keep you healthy and pain free

The mouth-body connection has a greater impact on overall health than you might realize.

Mayo Clinic has outlined this two-way connection: without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can cause oral infection and inflammation, which can contribute to diseases and conditions throughout the rest of the body, including cardiovascular disease and pneumonia. In the other direction, conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis are linked to gum disease and tooth / bone loss, respectively. Make sure to stay up-to-date on your regular exams and cleanings in order to avoid painful, potentially costly issues within your mouth and throughout your body. Your oral health is a core part of your overall health and well-being!
Featured preventive dental services
Thorough maintenance visits

Plaque and tartar inevitably accumulate for all of us, despite diligent brushing and flossing.


Thorough in-office cleanings are the only way to reach everything and keep your teeth and gums disease-free. Our hygienists at Walnut Creek Dental Studio are extremely thorough in both clearing out accumulated plaque and tartar, as well as in examining your mouth and digital scans / x-rays to catch emerging issues early, before they progress into painful, costly restorative issues.


We’ll take your full health history into account when both diagnosing potential issues and educating you on an optimal at-home care routine. And our automated online appointment reminders will help you stay current with regular visits.

Night guards
Have you experienced unusual jaw soreness and/or headaches since the pandemic began? Is the pain at its worst in the morning, after you wake up? If so, the cause might be bruxism (teeth grinding), even if you’re unaware it’s been occurring.

We can grind our teeth subconsciously, especially at night while we’re asleep – though it can occur during the day as well. Jaw soreness is the most common symptom, followed by headaches. Many of our patients arrive without a prior history of teeth grinding, and without any awareness that’s it’s occurring. This issue can be caused by stress and has become very common during the pandemic, often undiagnosed and causing painful, costly fractures / breaks.

Night guards are a straightforward solution: we’ll take impressions of your teeth and work with our lab partners to create a custom-fitted night guard that prevents damage to your teeth, with maximum comfort and durability.

If you’re experiencing jaw soreness, pain, and/or headaches, schedule an appointment: a night guard might save your teeth!
Other services available

→ Sealant placement

→ Placement of flouride varnish after cleanings

→ Prescription of extra-strength fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash